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3 Verses For When You Feel Stressed Out

Some days we feel like we have it all together, and other days we live life moment to moment. For a teacher, like myself, the end of the year is always an overwhelming time. The only thing I can really compare it to is the last week of college finals. Maybe you’re not a teacher or college student but you probably still have to work around deadlines, work obligations, home life, and maintaining your relationships. All of this can become extremely demanding and approaching these hectic periods is never easy. 

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Creating a Sabbath Routine

Many of us have heard about the concept of  Sabbath in the Christian faith. This article isn’t about telling you legalistic rules or condemning you for not Sabbathing. I am not here to argue about the validity of Sabbath after the New Testament and Jesus. I am here to encourage you about Sabbath and to point out some reasons why you may need one more than you think.

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Are Your Emotions Controlling You?

Every decision is an opportunity to draw nearer to God. I choose God every time, no matter what. Has it been hard? Absolutely. Will it continue to be challenging at times? Yes. God evens says so himself but the joy, strength, contentment and peace are so worth it. I can either break down walls with God’s grace and get closer to the Father or build walls up that draw me away from Him, His presence, voice and will. The choice is up to me.

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