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Why I Finally Quit Dieting

I went most of college and well into my late twenties dieting (with the exception of the year I was pregnant). There was always something new to try and if results were being advertised, I was on it. However, I would start a diet, cheat (because I’d decided I deserved it due to my impressive discipline!), and then fell off the wagon because I took a mile when I only meant to give myself an inch. I would ultimately decide the diet wasn’t working for me and I’d move on to the next. Literally repeating the same cycle.

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Healing From A Broken Relationship With My Dad

For my entire life, I’ve been fighting a battle for his love. Each time I look at my wounds, I want the pain to stop. I’ve tried and I try to keep fighting, but the battle keeps getting worse and the wounds are becoming unbearable. I’m fighting for a relationship that I may not ever have. This fight for love and affection from my earthly father has taken a mental and spiritual toll far greater than any physical impact.

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My Name Is Forgiven

Who am I? The question pounds from the moment I wake up to the second I fall back to sleep. I open my phone, and I am pestered by a thousand possibilities. Am I a writer? Am I an artist? Am I a linen skirt girl? Am I a leather jacket chick? Red or pink lipstick? Should I be wearing lipstick? Do I care about fashion trends? Who liked my posts? Did those people notice me? Do I need to get my name out more?

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