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Tirzah Place: A New Community

Imagine you have two children and you’re trying to find a place to live. They are both not old enough to go to daycare, so you’re struggling to find a job. Your family has kicked you out. At the age of 20, you’re sitting in your car with two kids looking for a place to sleep tonight. That is the reality of many single mothers in Wisconsin and all over the United States.

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Loving Through Prayer

Last night I went to a Christian concert, which was amazing. God was moving and it was a beautiful sight to see so many believers coming together unified and united. Eyes focused on the One who matters, hands raised in surrender. It was a beautiful sight to behold. While this was happening there were two women there with the intent to distract, shame and call us names.

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How To Find A Church In A New City

It was 10:55 and, as I circled the church parking lot in my new college town for the third time, I realized there was no way I was going to find a place to park in time. I rarely missed a Sunday back at home, but I couldn’t figure out any solution than to leave the parking lot and drive back to my dorm. While it might not have seemed like a big deal, I felt like such a failure for not making it to church my first weekend at college.

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