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How To Find More Godly Friends

I struggled with friendships throughout my entire childhood. I was very quiet, more than a little shy, and extremely lacking in the confidence that helps most people in this area. I remember meeting my very first friend in kindergarten, though, and it was a girl I sat with on the bus. (Side note: I never even rode the bus except for maybe three times.) Her name was Allyson, and the first time I ever met her was a year before that in a vacation bible school at a nearby church. Her dad was the pastor of the small church in my area, and I was so glad that I saw a familiar face that day, in a sea of unfamiliar ones on that big, scary bus.  

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Is It A Sin Not To Go To Church?

The convenience of a streaming church service can be a double-edged sword. Indispensable to those who cannot leave their bed, but a tool of temptation for the devil. I heard that whisper this morning: Why get up so early? It's cold and you deserve a break, and who will notice you anyway? Whether you go or stay won't make a difference. You're still going to watch the sermon online, it's not a sin to miss one week…

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How To Find A Church In A New City

It was 10:55 and, as I circled the church parking lot in my new college town for the third time, I realized there was no way I was going to find a place to park in time. I rarely missed a Sunday back at home, but I couldn’t figure out any solution than to leave the parking lot and drive back to my dorm. While it might not have seemed like a big deal, I felt like such a failure for not making it to church my first weekend at college.

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