Tirzah is a women's lifestyle online publication. Our mission is to inspire and equip a generation of young women of noble character, rooted in the word, fruitful in good works and faithful in all things. 

This is a community ministry. What does that mean? It means our magazine is operated by a diverse team of volunteers (young women from all walks of life and from all over the world!). Our operations are funded by the generosity of your donations and proceeds from our shop. Because we see your heart for Kingdom work and we want to provide the platform for you to share your testimony of all that God is doing in your heart and to inspire and equip you to use what God has given you to build up His Kingdom. 

Practically, that looks like publishing your stories, testimonies and teaching articles in Tirzah Magazine, studying Scripture with you through our Tirzah in the Word quarterly studies, providing Bible studies for you to walk through in your quiet time, and becoming the place where you can serve and build up a treasure in heaven. 

Do you have an idea for how to expand Tirzah's ministry that aligns with our mission? Maybe it's an article idea, or a column you want to write, or maybe you have a Bible study you want to write and share with other young women, or any other way you may want to use your God-given abilities and gifts to encourage your fellow sisters in Christ - reach out to us! Because we are merely a platform and a vehicle for God to do His work and the way He does that is through people. We don't require years of experience or degrees (although those are welcome here too!), but instead look more for girls and women rooted in Scripture with a heart for pointing others to Jesus.

Welcome to our corner of the internet, friend. We are so grateful the Lord brought you here and we pray you'll get a glimpse of Jesus in our midst.