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There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

A friend of mine lost her little girl this week.  I won’t share the details out of respect for their family, but the events of this week have been on my mind and heart almost constantly.  Even when I went to go to sleep last night, I couldn’t, because I was so consumed with thoughts of my friends who are walking through this tragedy.  Do you ever wake up in the night hours, burdened for someone?  That was me, all night long, last night.  I know that whenever that happens, God is giving me that name for a reason: to wake up and to pray.  I don’t usually get out of bed when I do this, but sometimes I do.  I share that, because it’s so important to follow through with that thought when we’re suddenly thinking about someone we know.  

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Are You A Mary or Martha?

Luke 10:38-42 is about two sisters, Mary and Martha, who are welcoming Jesus and his disciples into their home. One sister, Mary, was sitting at Jesus’ feet taking in all He said. The other sister is Martha (I imagine her similar to a Southern woman who has invited guests over for a nice brunch). She is preparing fluffy pancakes, fruit, and biscuits and gravy, pouring the sweet tea and being the social butterfly in the room, accommodating all the visitors in her home.

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10 Bible Verses On Trusting God

I sat in the room, with only one other person. He told me about an opportunity I had never heard of. I never imagined this opportunity would ever be offered to me. I did not even know the thought existed, before taking those few steps into his quaint, quiet office. As my hands became sweaty and my mind became numb, he explained this choice to me and encouraged me. I was faced with a difficult decision. Do I take the opportunity? Or do I stay where I am, and on the plan I had set for myself?

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