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There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

A friend of mine lost her little girl this week.  I won’t share the details out of respect for their family, but the events of this week have been on my mind and heart almost constantly.  Even when I went to go to sleep last night, I couldn’t, because I was so consumed with thoughts of my friends who are walking through this tragedy.  Do you ever wake up in the night hours, burdened for someone?  That was me, all night long, last night.  I know that whenever that happens, God is giving me that name for a reason: to wake up and to pray.  I don’t usually get out of bed when I do this, but sometimes I do.  I share that, because it’s so important to follow through with that thought when we’re suddenly thinking about someone we know.  

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I Will Follow You

The end of graduate school was drawing near, and I was elated as I considered that the culmination of the past year and a half of my hard work was about to come to a poetic close as I crossed the stage, accepted my diploma, and became a master in my field.  Even better, I knew I had a job waiting for me after I graduated - a rare gift in the recession era of the American economy. I would be teaching at the middle school where I had been working as a research intern and substitute teacher for the entirety of my graduate school career, since both the assistant principals and teachers alike had assured me that the opening in the English department was as good as mine.

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Old Testament... New Kids

I go to a really small church that geographically sits on a line between “gentrified” and “poverty.” The vision for this body is to reflect the kingdom of heaven by celebrating diversity of wealth, race, and life experiences. A year ago, this body was meeting in a house church. Ten months ago, a barber shop. The body has grown and shifted and changed over the past year, but it has been a joy to watch.

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