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The Good Fight Never Ends

Today, Christians  view hardship as a “season” that will come and go. In order to be victorious Christians, we need to reframe our thinking by accepting that most of our lives will be hard for one reason or another. I’m writing this as a gentle yet sober reminder to today’s Christians: We are in the trenches of spiritual warfare. We may not see it as we go about our school schedules, work routines, and summer holidays, but we are in the thick of it. By deciding today, if we will use our moments to the glory of God or the glory of self, we are declaring whose side we are on.

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10 Bible Verses On Trusting God

I sat in the room, with only one other person. He told me about an opportunity I had never heard of. I never imagined this opportunity would ever be offered to me. I did not even know the thought existed, before taking those few steps into his quaint, quiet office. As my hands became sweaty and my mind became numb, he explained this choice to me and encouraged me. I was faced with a difficult decision. Do I take the opportunity? Or do I stay where I am, and on the plan I had set for myself?

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