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For When Your Heart Is On Fire

Anyone who lives in a mountain town will tell you that while our home makes God's natural handiwork real in the form of crisp morning air, the sweet smell of pine trees, and the sight of majestic mountaintops peering above the tree line, it also comes with the threat of wildfire.  Several months ago, as the mountain that rests within one mile of the mountain town I call home was set ablaze by the careless actions of one individual, I was jolted into reflection of what it truly means to hope in the promises of Christ - that He would keep my home, and my people, safe.

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Pride? Who, Me?

Growing up there was one thing my dad had to tell me more than he should have: “Allison, you need to think before you speak.” My stubborn and prideful self was too focused on how I felt and getting what I had to say off my chest. Meanwhile someone was on the other end of my words, feeling the effects of my emotions. 

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6 Ways To Make Time For Jesus In Your Day

If we're honest life gets busy and suddenly your schedule changes. Unfortunately, some things get forgotten or left for last and one of those things can be our time with God. If you start to notice that your life feels dry, or empty, that's a HUGE indicator that we aren't being fueled by our Lord Jesus Christ enough! So let's discover some tips on making time for Jesus in our day to day lives!

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