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Are You Called To Youth Ministry?

I remember the day that the Lord caused me to notice teenagers through new eyes. Before this day, I knew them to be loud and intimidating (at least to me). It was at a summer church activity, several years ago, an event called Street Reach that my older two boys were attending. They spent five nights at a school campus, giving Bible clubs (similar to VBS) Monday through Friday. Graham and Drew were the second day in, and Drew was involved in a wreck. I don’t remember all the details, but I knew I had a nervous son, and he needed his mom.  Two days afterwards, they had a share-night, and he invited me to come; my friend’s daughter invited her to come as well. 

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3 Verses For When You Feel Stressed Out

Some days we feel like we have it all together, and other days we live life moment to moment. For a teacher, like myself, the end of the year is always an overwhelming time. The only thing I can really compare it to is the last week of college finals. Maybe you’re not a teacher or college student but you probably still have to work around deadlines, work obligations, home life, and maintaining your relationships. All of this can become extremely demanding and approaching these hectic periods is never easy. 

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