The Best Podcasts For Every Occasion

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Podcasts have grown increasingly popular over the years and it seems like you can find one on just about any topic. Today, we’re sharing with you some of the best Christian podcasts that are sure to fill you with positivity and encouragement as you go through your day.

That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs

Annie Downs is a speaker, author, and host of her own podcast. Each episode, she invites someone on the show to talk about their faith, family, friends, careers, love and other great topics! For anyone who’s particularly interested in the enneagram, Annie recently finished a series covering each of the personality types. The podcast is even named after the final question Annie asks each of her guests when they are on the show: “What sounds fun to you right now?” 

Passion City Church 

If you’re more interested in hearing an actual sermon, then the Passion podcast is the one for you! These episodes are simply recordings of the Sunday morning church service at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. You can hear some really amazing sermons from Passion’s lead pastor Louie Giglio, as well as other guest pastors and speakers from around the world.  

The Grove

This is a special podcast from Passion City Church that’s made by women, for women. It’s led by Pastor Louie Giglio’s wife, Shelley, and features conversations with women like Priscilla Shrier, Kerri Stanfill, Christine Caine and more!   

Proverbs 31 Ministries 

This podcast has something in store for just about everyone! Whether you’re a single teenager, a young adult navigating college, or married with children, this podcast has it all. They recently had a special mini-series called Therapy & Theology: How Do I Get Through This? which focused on finding healing and hope in the face of overwhelming devastation. This mini-series features conversations with author Lysa TerKeurst, her personal counselor Jim Cress, and the Proverbs 31 Ministries theology director Joel Muddamalle. 

WHOA That’s Good feat. Sadie Robertson

If you’re in your early twenties and want to listen to an upbeat conversation to start your day, then you might want to check out Sadie Robertson’s podcast! Each episode, Sadie asks her guest, “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?” There are only 18 episodes so far, but each one offers words of encouragement on dealing with everyday issues like fear, gratitude, and authenticity. 

What are some of your favorite podcasts right now? 


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