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How Dating Humbled Me

Godly, socially adept men seem to be extinct, which makes dating hard. Too many disappointments, let-downs, or occasions of being “ghosted” have left their mark on the masses of Christian women and the general response is despair or cries of, “Where have all the good men gone?” I’ve even done this. I’ve been embittered and hopeless after one too many heartaches. I’ve blamed men for being too cowardly, too selfish, or, in some seasons of my life, too elusive

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3 Steps Christian Women Can Take To Ignite Their Dating Lives

The Bible doesn’t say anything about dating. It talks plenty about marriage, but it doesn’t talk about who should make the first move, the proper texting etiquette, and the many other questions Christian women encounter. That is what today’s article is all about - three steps that unmarried Christian women can take to be in a better position to date this year.

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