The Destructiveness of Insecurity


Insecurity. Something so common to our lives that it’s almost as though it’s part of our personality. We don’t question its existence, and we carry the full weight of it day in and day out. Insecurity holds us back and keeps us in bondage. So why is it so comfortable to live with?

For so many of us, insecurity is all we’ve ever known; it’s a safe, constant place in our lives. We may be afraid of who we’ll be without our insecurity holding us back. Even if we know it’ll be something wonderful, the unknown is still frightening.

Insecurity hurts more than just your self-esteem though. It takes a toll on your relationships, schooling, job, and even the way you handle daily tasks. It has put unnecessary strain on my closest relationships because I relied on my best friends to constantly affirm me — a burden too great for anyone to bear. It led me to jealousy and bitterness because the ones I loved most were not filling me up the way I believed they should. It kept me from speaking up in conversations for fear of how I would be perceived. Insecurity lead me to desperately pursue attention from men, and if I didn’t receive it, I was destroyed. It’s kept me from seeking new opportunities and open doors.

Insecurity finds it’s source in many things, but I’m convinced that the main cause is that we are not firmly rooted in the love of Christ. When He is our rock, our hearts take refuge in Him. Trying to find our worth in anything other than Christ will do nothing but leave us feeling insecure. But when we focus on Jesus, we do not see the other things screaming at us and trying to tell us that we are not enough. When your heart pursues the Lord, there is no room for destructive lies to  feed your insecurities.