Letter from the Editor: Tirzah Academy and New Articles!


Happy March, Tirzah girls! Spring always brings forth so much hope and transformation. After the cold winter, we begin to crave sunlight and renewal. This year at Tirzah, our theme is "cultivate" (watch on our Bible study on this here!). Because after a lot of time and prayer, the Lord put it on my heart to keep growing and cultivating this community slowly and steadfastly. We may not the biggest ministry, our site design may be basic, and our staff may be small and all volunteers, but the Lord is doing His work here and that's all that matters.

I am so grateful you've stuck with us - whether you've been reading our articles for years or days. Thank you for your patience as we took some time off to pray and re-evaluate - the Lord has been good to us in this season, but the next season is upon us. So, here are a few updates.

New Articles Starting March 8

We're going back to our publishing schedule with new articles being published each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To ensure you each article is delivered to you, make sure to enter your email address to the right in our sidebar (or on our homepage!). Also, make sure to follow us on social media, as we also post links to our articles (and other encouraging content) there daily.

Submissions Wanted

Since we're back to publishing content regularly, we'd love to have you contribute. The beautiful and unique thing about Tirzah is that our focus is on community and glorifying Christ. We are not after fame, journalism awards or a pretty online existence. Which means we accept writers and submissions from all walks of life - our only ask is that you are a believer and be willing to share what the Lord is teaching you with our community.

Tell us how what you're studying in your major applies to our daily walks with the Lord (yes, there are connections like this everywhere - anything can be turned into a spiritual or life lesson!). Share with us how the Lord is cultivating your faith, or how you're achieving your goals and the calling God put on your heart. Write your testimony (or even a short story!).

Pray on it and if you're interested in contributing, you can find more information here or email our Associate Editor, Chinenye at submissions@tirzahmag.com with your article pitch.

Tirzah Academy

For a long time, I've had big dreams of starting a virtual academy for set apart girls - a place that would give you the resources and training to live a Godly life in the modern world. But first, God called me to law school and now I have a full time job in international tax, so starting such a big project just wasn't feasible. When I started to research how to start a membership community like this, I realized it would cost thousands of dollars and so the big plans were put on hold.

But the longing to find practical ways to cultivate a set apart life was still there, so I listened to God's voice deep inside to start small and go slow, and so Tirzah Academy was born. We are starting small with a Facebook group.

This group/virtual academy is free to join, and each month we will focus on a different area of our lives: from prayer to social media, we will post weekly challenges to encourage you to cultivate these different areas to grow stronger in your faith and into His purpose for your life.

To join, you can sign up here and we'll email you an invite. Or you can just search "Tirzah Academy" on Facebook and request to join. Not on Facebook? We recommend creating a dummy account (one without any friends or info) but that would still give you the ability to join the group.

We are doing a soft launch - meaning this first week we'll just be doing introductions and getting to know each other and our first official "challenge" won't start until March 13. Once you join the group, you can download the syllabus which will have an outline of the challenges for the year. We hope you can join us!

If you've ever craved a community of like-minded young women striving to live Godly lives and the opportunities to tangibly grow in your faith, then this community is for you. Join in and invite a friend!

New Associate Editor

Finally, I am excited to introduce our new Associate Editor, Chinenye. She has graciously volunteered to take over the editorial portion of our ministry to make sure we have consistent and edifying content published on TirzahMag.com. This will free up my time to write more and focus on big projects, while giving other young women, like Chinenye, the opportunity to serve in this ministry. Please keep Chinenye in your prayers as she trains for these new tasks!

With love,

Yelena Bosovik

Founder + Editor in Chief