Embrace Grace + A Giveaway


We've all been there - the moment when the unexpected happens and all you need to hear is that it's going to be okay. Unfortunately, too many times, when a young single woman sees that little stick indicate that she is now carrying new life in her, all that often greets her is judgement - especially by believers. When I read the story of Mary in the Bible, my heart aches. Because as a young woman she found out that she was carrying the Son of God. Her fiancé wanted to send her away for the duration of her pregnancy, and I can't even imagine how her family and community reacted. Because she had done the unthinkable, the condemnable, the forbidden. Yes, the situation was created by God himself, but it didn't make it any easier for Mary to live through the stigma of becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

Unfortunately, millions of women have faced the same stigma and struggles since then. Some might say it's a little easier today when having children outside of marriage has become the norm. Although I have never been in the situation, I have spoken to girls who were, and let tell you it: it's not easy. It is terrifying. All you want to hear is that it's going be okay. That even with the unexpected, the sin, the mistake...you still have worth and are capable of being loved.

That's why we're so excited to partner with organizations like Embrace Grace, who support young single women facing unexpected pregnancies. Embrace Grace distributes to pregnancy centers nation-wide, which are then given to young, single women with positive pregnancy tests. The box is full of gifts that will inspire hope and impart love to a mom that may be scared for her future. Each box consists of a Fearless Journal and pen (you can win a copy for yourself, along with a pro-love necklace!), a Bump in Life book, a baby onesie, testimonial letters of girls that chose adoption and chose to parent, an invitation to join an Embrace Grace group and a Brave Girl letter that can be written by YOU!

Here are three ways you can encourage a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy:

  1. Start an Embrace Grace group at your local church so young women with unplanned pregnancies have a support group.
  2. Partner with the national organization through prayer and support at www.EmbraceGrace.com
  3. Download and print a brave girl letter and mail to the address below to be placed inside a Love in a Box. You can mail your Brave Girl letter to:

Embrace Grace, Inc.

Attn: Love in a Box

700 W. Bedford Euless Rd., Ste. G

Hurst, TX 76053

You have the opportunity to speak grace into the life of a mom that could possibly be contemplating a life or death decision (here's what you can say if you don't know!). You can encourage, uplift and inspire her to choose life and to get plugged into an Embrace Grace support group at a local church.

We want to help brave moms choose life and get plugged into a spiritual family so they can be saved, discipled, mentored and be a part of a community that loves them the way Jesus loves.

Friend, if you've been wondering how you can make a difference in the world, this is it. There is a young girl struggling to figure out how to go on - she's questioning how she will take care of the human growing in her, she may even be considering abortion or suicide, and most of all, she just needs grace and to hear that it's going to be okay. You can be the one to tell her it is indeed going to be okay and that Jesus still loves her and that baby in her so much that He sent His own to die for them. Don't remain silent or ambivalent.

As a fun bonus, you can also enter this giveaway hosted by Embrace Grace for a chance to win a Brave Girl journal and pro-love necklace for yourself. The winner will be chosen on February 25!

PS. We received this product from Embrace Grace in exchange for reviewing the item. This post is part of the FrontGate Blogger Network.