What Do I Do In The Waiting?

Have you ever wanted something so badly it hurt? If you’ve ever been in a season of waiting, I can guarantee you’ve felt this way. Can I just tell you guys that I hate waiting? I am not a fan of the process, and I am not a friend of the journey. I hate everything about it.

Waiting is hard. It's grueling. Sometimes, it is debilitating. It can be even harder when you feel alone in the process. When everyone around you seems to be getting what they want, and you continue to beg God to answer your prayers. Sometimes I feel like I see God answer prayers for others, and I can’t understand why He won’t answer mine. They are good things that I desire. But still I wait....

Unfortunately, waiting is inevitable. We've all either gone through a season of waiting or will go through a season of waiting and will probably continue to go through many more seasons of waiting. For some it may be a short wait, for others it may be many years of waiting.

I'm not sure why God makes some people wait longer than others, but I know He's not going to make us wait without reason. He may not always reveal the reason for the waiting, but you can trust that your waiting is not in vain. The Bible says that those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength...you will not grow weary (Isaiah 40:3). So, when we wait on the Lord, He promises to renew our strength. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but He will give us strength to come through the season.

I sometimes forget God is a God of process. He's the God of the journey. In my little world I like immediate results. I like answers and to know what's going to happen next. I want the steps laid out for me. I don't enjoy the process. The process is painful. The process is hard. But guess what?

He is found in the process...

And, sometimes, that's exactly what the wait is about: finding Him in the process.

If God gave us everything we wanted exactly when we wanted it, sure, we would be happy. But would we find Him in the process if He just gave us everything we asked for? Would we desire to know Him if He just handed us everything we ever wanted? Would we know the comfort and grace that He gives in the season of waiting? Would we know the hope that’s only found in Him?

Look for Him in the waiting. I know it isn't easy. And if I'm preaching to anyone right now it is myself. Don't just look for Him in the destination. Don't go back to where you started, because He's not there either. He's in the middle. He's right there in the waiting journey with you. Are you going to look for Him here?

Here are some practical things to do in your season of waiting:

  1. Watch. Watch what God is doing. It is so important to keep your gaze set on Jesus. When we take our eyes off of Him we start to look at ourselves, we tend to have the wrong perspective. Keep your eyes focused on Him!

  2. Ask. Ask Him what He's doing. Ask Him for strength to wait. Ask Him for understanding why you’re in a season of waiting. Maybe He is preparing you for something or maybe something is being prepared for you to step into in His appointed time.

  3. Invite. Invite Him along on the journey. Talk to Him. Yell at Him if you have to! Trust me, He can handle it. Don’t try and hide your feelings from God. Invite Him into them, He knows how you feel already. He wants to walk this waiting journey with you! But He’ll only do it if you invite Him in.

  4. Thank. Thank Him for what He's producing in you during this season of waiting, and trust that He will fulfill His promises to you.

The truth is…. God loves us far too much to give us what we're asking for too early or too late.


Taylor is a lover of Jesus, coffee, and kittens. She is also a lover of the arts. In her spare time you can find her behind the camera capturing the beauty of nature or painting. Taylor's passion is leading women closer to the heart of God through music and written word. She attended IHOP's (International House of Prayer) Forerunner Music Academy where she studied voice and worship leading. Taylor currently serves as part of her local churches worship team and lives in a ministry house that focuses on transforming their neighborhood through the love of Christ.