Slaving To The Idols In Our Schedules


Slaving To The Idols In Our Schedule How often do you find yourself contemplating the following statement?

“I’ll start (insert task) when I reach (insert date or event).”

For example, “I’ll start having a daily quiet time with God when I reach the end of this work week,” or “I’ll start eating right when I reach Monday.”

This type of goal-settting typically happens around New Year’s Eve when we decide to do something better with our lives. Rarely are these goals put into action immediately though. It’s easier to set deadlines to avoid having to start something new. And then we get upset when those goals aren't met.

These are the thoughts that were on my mind when I was contemplating the following: “I’ll start doing what the Lord is calling me to do when I reach college graduation.” Since I was just accepted into the Master’s program at DePaul University, that graduation day won’t arrive for another two years. I couldn’t help but question why I was waiting so long to start.

What’s consuming my time so much that I have no time to do what the Lord has called me to do?

I decided to take some time really evaluate my daily tasks, and found that I’m spending too much time on things that may not exactly be what the Lord wants of me. Here are a few things I realized, and why I am approaching my days with a different perspective:

Stop Slaving To Other Idols

Sit back and evaluate where you spend your time each day. Work, school, friends? Or maybe in front of the computer, on social media, or even making time to watch one more Netflix episode? Although some of these things are good, too often we can turn them into idols that take a higher priority in our lives over the Lord.

[pullquote width="300" float="right"]Our lives would have a very different kind of purpose if we stopped slaving to the things on our schedule and start prioritizing what is important.[/pullquote]

Looking at the things that consume my time, I realized that I am personally slaving to these things in my life by constantly dedicating time to them. My calendar is filled with my daily tasks - things that may not exactly be contributing to an eternal perspective.

Our lives will have a very different kind of purpose if we stop slaving to the things on our schedules and start prioritizing what is important.

Spend More Time With The Lord

Out of the 24 hours of the day that God blesses us with, how many of those are spent with Him? For some reason, when I do find time to spend with the Lord, I end up thinking about all the other things I need to be doing, like homework or even planning my next Bible study.

Yes, these things are important, but the most important priority in our lives - the source of our life and joy - is the Lord. So, spending time with Him on a daily basis - reading the Word, worshipping, or just being with Him in prayer - is food for the soul.

Dedicate An Hour To His Purpose

Now ask yourself, out of all the hours in the day, do you spend any of it doing what the Lord calls of you?

The Lord keeps us on this earth for a purpose, yet, how often are we dedicating time to fulfill it? The Lord gives each of us a talent that contributes to furthering His kingdom. Dedicate an hour each day to working on that talent.

This could mean meeting with a friend over coffee to speak Truth into him or her, or writing a new song for worship. It could mean going to school for a career that is also your calling. If the Lord hasn’t shown you fully what your life's purpose is yet, why not spend that dedicated hour to praying and exploring what that talent might be?

In the end though, nothing should take precedence over the Lord’s calling. Nothing.

Nothing should stand in the way of the Lord’s calling, or take up my time. For He yearns jealously over the spirit that He has made to dwell in me. -James 4:5

So instead of setting a goal to start spending time with the Lord, take the time TODAY to fulfill His calling for you.

I decided to take these steps in my daily life, and after a lot of prayer, I realized that my purpose on this earth is to reach people with my words. Hence why I wrote this article.

Won’t you join me in placing the Lord first in our busy schedules? Let's dedicate our time to His purpose on this earth.

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