The Beauty of Different Callings


The beauty of different callings via Tirzah Magazine

I think it was Thursday. She was standing with hands on her hips, rolling her eyes at me. It wasn't like we hadn't had this conversation before…I was making a decision about my life and wanting her to be excited for me. This time resulted in an argument about living life while we’re young, and how she would never do what I was doing. But I knew what God was calling me to do -- whether she understood it or not! Why wasn't that enough?

When God calls us to a task, there will always be resistance -- sometimes from those we love the most. Especially when it comes to what we “should” be doing as women in our 20’s. There seems to be a really gray, fuzzy, unclarified mess of opinion, preference, and unfortunately, interpretations of gender roles and a big dollop of beliefs and expectation.

How many times have you said, “I wish I could be doing_____”, but haven’t reached that far yet because of fear of failure or what others will think? Even if it’s something you’re passionate about, or know you’re being called to?

There are plenty of examples in the Bible about women who were called to leadership, adventure, and to a life that was more than ordinary: Esther -- a humble Jewish girl who became a Queen and saved an entire nation. Deborah -- a general and a judge in a world dominated by kings and war. Ruth -- a selfless and caring young woman who loved the Lord and was rewarded for her faithfulness with one of the greatest love stories ever told. And what about Mary? The brave, infamous virgin who became the mother of Jesus Christ…just to name a few! Every single one of these women were used by God in mighty ways, and probably faced ridicule and resistance for following His calling on their lives. You’re in good company!

My friends have gone to college and become lawyers, nurses, teachers, counselors and business owners. I also have friends who didn’t go to college and are housewives, moms, traveling musicians, writers, and missionaries. Some are traveling the world, others have houses and are more comfortable staying home. Some like comfort and consistency, others like spontaneity and a challenge.

And it’s all ok if you’re living in His will!

[pullquote width="300" float="left"]To label yourself or to put yourself in a box is an insult to the One who created you.[/pullquote]

God created us to be different. We all have different talents, skills and abilities. To label yourself or to put yourself in a box is an insult to the One who created you. You’re uniquely you. You have something big that God wants to use you for, whether that means traveling to a different country or right in your own backyard. He wants you to live the life He created for you, not to mirror someone else. Romans 12:4-8 has a lot to say about individuality and the gifts we each have: “For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function…”

Our Creator is pretty infamous for giving vision and spark to those who ask, along with determination and courage to follow through with what He’s called them to, because it’s the most authentic adventure you could ask for.

Don’t be afraid to dream. And don’t be afraid of those dreams coming true!

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