22 and never been kissed

Photo by Jana Williams.

She was a new Christian, seventeen years old and persecuted from all sides in 1950’s Communist Russia. Her parents wanted to marry her off to a doctor, hoping that would be enough to make her give up her faith. The Lord had a different plan for her though, so he sent her a soldier – young, handsome and a man of God. He came across the world into her tiny village in Siberia.

That couple has been together now for 60 years – they are blessed with ten children and more than 170 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And every time I see my grandparents together, my heart melts – the love and faith still glows in their eyes even after years of hardships, persecution, and international moves.

You don’t hear those kinds of love stories nowadays. We’re more in tune with the latest reality shows, bachelors and endless strings of comedies about dating mishaps. We’re told that you must kiss a few frogs and explore before finding The One.  Plus, there are hundreds of websites, books and TV shows (even Christian ones) giving out “helpful” dating advice...

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