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You spoke, we listened.

Launching Monday, November 17th, Tirzah Devotionals will be sent to email inboxes around the world every morning Monday through Friday. Think of it like a breakfast date with you, us, and Jesus.

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The format is super-simple - nothing fancy or complicated, because let's be honest: ain't none of us got time for that in the morning. We've got places to go, things to do, people to meet - but we do want to put first things first. We hope you'll prioritize spending in-depth time in God's Word on your own (the sweetest moments come from that), but for the days you're running short on time, or you just want a little extra Scripture-learning, we pray our devotionals will be an encouragement to you.

In September, we'll be studying a portion of chapter 12 in the book of Romans on how to live as a set apart young woman in the 21st century. Join us? 

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