Rejection Won't Repress Us


I was sitting in the lobby of a glowing, beautiful glass building when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. God had brought them to my attention a few weeks prior and in that moment I could strongly feel His heart for them. He was longing for them to find peace and comfort in Him. God spoke to me clearly to ask if there was anything I could be praying for them about.

This was not the first time God had asked me to step out in faith like this by any means, but most every time there is a rush of nervousness that approaches me. I begin to fight off my excuses: “They might be offended” and “Maybe I didn’t hear God clearly” but it always comes down to what’s most important. I have purposed in my heart and mind that it’s always better to obey God and deal with embarrassment than to disobey God and be accepted by all. I walked over to them and asked if there was anything I could pray about for them. Their response was “Uh no but uh thanks.” It felt a little awkward but I was washed and covered in the grace of God and I had full confidence in His leadership.

Two days later that same person approached me and asked: “Why did you ask me that question the other day?” I told them I felt God was leading me to ask them because He cares about their heart and wants them to know that He sees them, knows their pain, and loves them unconditionally. They then began to unravel and unpack their story and all the difficulty and pain they were going through.

Obedience is key and the kind of obedience where God can use us to be an aid in someone else’s life takes faith, vulnerability, and freedom in Jesus.

We are called to love freely and deeply, not to harden our hearts to the world around us. We have the capacity and freedom to love through Jesus living in us. It takes a fierce love to care for, pour love into, and pursue those that God places on your heart and puts in your path. Especially in a world that is often more nervous and suspicious than open and trusting. We are not responsible for the actions and responses of others. However we are responsible for what we do with what God has called and instructed us to do.

We can’t let rejection be our gage of how obedient we will be to what God asks of us. Rejection hurts, especially when you put your heart on the line and go out of your way to care for someone and get knocked down. But it’s important to focus on why we love. Do we love because of what we get in return? Or do we love because it’s what God has called us to and created us for? If we live our lives believing and acting from the latter, rejection doesn’t have as much of an effect on us because the actions and responses of others are not where we find our worth.

Tips of striking up a conversationWe can’t fully live out the will of God in our lives without humility. Humility is key because God often calls us to things that require us to humble ourselves and move forward in faith despite what people might say or how people react. Pride can create an unhealthy wall and barrier that prevents us from obeying God’s voice. Pride feeds off of affirmation and attention from people, while Godly confidence is built by finding affirmation, adoration, and attention from God. Let’s be filled with humility and confident in Him. With humility and true love pulsing through our veins we can be vessels of God’s beauty on this earth.

There is no fear where love exists. Rather, perfect love banishes fear. -1 John 4:18

How we can take action:

  • Step out in faith and don’t delay obedience when you hear God speak. Often we miss opportunities and talk ourselves out of acting in faith when we debate whether or not we heard God clearly.
  • Be immersed in the word of God. The more we read about God’s character, the easier it is for us to discern whether we think what He has spoken is something aligned with Biblical truth and understanding. Diving into God's word also gives us strength and roots in our identity in Him which makes it easier to be brave regardless of what the results of our obedience to Him might be.
  • Be eternally minded. It’s important to remember that all of us are going to reach the end of our lives at some point. God may use your faith, obedience, and action to change someone else’s life by bringing them to Him. When we are aware of this, our own momentary embarrassment or awkwardness seems so small in light of what God can do through our willingness.

How do you strike up conversations with others about God?  Share with us in the comments!