The Prayer Wall {Letter from the Editor}

Tania Snyman Photography If you're new around here, hello! And if you're long-time reader, thank you for being here! We have an exciting new addition to our website today, but first...

Whenever I stumble across a new blog, magazine or website, the first place I head over to is the "about" page. I want to know who is writing the words and whose vision is laid out on the screen in front of me. I want to know their story and their motivations. Above all though, I want to connect.

[pullquote width="300" float="right"]This is a community - a Godly place where the Holy Spirit teaches, comforts, and encourages through the words of some incredibly faithful and obedient young women.[/pullquote]

Sometimes, I think "Tirzah Magazine" is a bit deceiving, because it's not just a combination of words somewhere on the Internet - it's a community. When I first launched the site, it was just Kimmy and I. And I was worried that we wouldn't be enough. I fretted about how we'll get quality content and whether we are strong enough to stand against society's norms to speak the Truth. So, I prayed. So much.

And then one email came in. Then another one. Then a few more. To date, we've had over 30 young women contribute to the site - beautiful souls from all over the world and all the different walks of life. That was never our intention and we didn't pursue it. But, God was doing His thing - writing stories on hearts and drawing people across the internet right to this URL (btw, if you feel a tug on your heart to write for Tirzah, we'd love to hear from you!).

So there may be headshots and bios on this site, but that is just a fraction of this community, because this little corner of the Internet is growing. The power and support behind the scenes is incredible, so thank you for your time, prayers, and sweet words of encouragement.

Tirzah Magazine - an online community of young women living a set-apart life

I imagine this space like a home - a sprawling, renovated Victorian with character and charm.

A beautiful house, yet so imperfect and welcoming. The kind of place where the door is never closed and the windows are open wide to let the breeze in, even late into the night. There are acres of land to roam on, and a lake nearby for a casual evening stroll. Delicious smells waft through the air and the strains of a piano melody compliment the activity of the house.

And amongst the eclectic collection of furniture and fresh flowers on every tabletop is conversation - interrupted often with tears and laughter. But, a house is just a house - its the people within that make it a home. And this is where I envision we'll meet and get to know each other.

At first, it might be a bit awkward - so many strange and new faces in one place together. But, Love has a way of bringing people together. If I've learned anything from y'all in the last six months is that you love the Lord above all and you are BRAVE. You inspire me. I may not know the color of your eyes, or your favorite food, but I've seen a glimpse of your heart. I do believe that is the greatest gift anyone can receive.

This is not a traditional friendship. We didn't meet in class, a coffee shop or at church. But, somehow, God brought us all together. And from those of you who have reached out to me - sometimes, those introductions came at just the right moment when you needed community and encouragement. How awesome is that?!

The beautiful part about this space though is the diversity - from new believers to girls who have served the Lord faithfully for years, we come together not for ourselves, but for others. We share our hearts, our faults, and then, we dream. We lay it all out and then make a plan of action. We recognize that we are only human, and then focus on what God can do using our weaknesses and mistakes.

This vulnerability and faith astounds me. Every time I read an article as I sit down to edit on a Saturday afternoon, I am humbled and inspired beyond words. Seeing God work so flawlessly across state lines and oceans, is extraordinary.

I cannot wait to see what God continues to do with all these beautiful hearts and dreams.

Each time my knees hit the floor and my head bows before my King, I remember you in prayer. Because I carry you in my heart. We might have never met face to face, but you are my sister and my friend. I pray that the Lord continues to guide you every moment of your life. That you may know His will and withstand the trials of this world. I pray that you cling tightly to His standards and live a set-apart life in the midst of this corrupt and sinful generation. I pray for your health, job, education, family, and most importantly, your calling.

One day, I pray our paths will cross. Maybe, I'll even buy that home and I want you to know you'll always have a standing invitation to stop by. And long after we've gone our own ways - gotten married, changed jobs, started families and our hair turned gray - you'll still be in my heart. Because you are God's beloved and we stand together to fight this daily battle. That kind of connection is not easily forgotten.

The Tirzah Prayer Wall

It's not much, but will you click on over here to leave your name? After Melanie wrote this post, I decided to start a prayer list, at the top of which is this Tirzah community.

But, I want to know your name. And I would love to hear your story too. So, this is why we've added the Prayer Wall to our site.

If you're not quite comfortable sharing your story yet, may I at least have your name and location in the world so we can pray for you individually? And, will you join me in praying for the other ladies on the list as well?

You can send us your name and story using the contact form below (or email Or simply leave a comment with your name and/or prayer request.

As always, we welcome your suggestions - this is as much your website as it is ours. So, if you have article ideas or suggestions on how we can improve this space, please reach out to us (a brand new submission box is in the sidebar now!).

This is not a clique or an exclusive community only for those who know the secret password. Anyone and everyone is welcome here. This is not my website. This is a community - a Godly place where the Holy Spirit teaches, comforts, and encourages through the words of some incredibly faithful and obedient young women.

You are the Esthers of our time. Some of you are still in training. Others have stepped into the center of God's will for your life. Each one of you created for a unique purpose.

Let's delve even deeper into the heart of our Father? It's a lot less terrifying with a sister by your side (or a few dozen, hundred, thousand?!).

Holding you closer than most,


Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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