Letter from the Associate Editor


 Hey y’all!

I’m Alycia and I am the new Associate Editor of Tirzah Magazine. I am beyond excited to be a part of the team and to work alongside Yelena! I believe everyone should have a life motto and mine is:

“Being a voice to help every girl and woman recognize themselves as the queens they are in God’s eyes and to fulfill their calling.”

I found Tirzah several years ago and immediately fell in love with it because of how much the mission aligned with mine. About a year ago I felt called to start writing for Tirzah and started writing articles, as well as devotionals for Tirzah in the Word. I also have a blog called God’s Gypsy that I have been writing in for awhile as well. One of my best friend’s and I recently started a ministry called ReDefining Femininity where we create videos discussing current women’s issues and how Christians navigate them. I simply tell you this because you cannot imagine how new a change this is for me!

My background is actually working in Christian non-profits and I have done so since I was 17! I have my Master’s in Social Work with an emphasis in Child and Family. My full - time job is as a social worker working with women and girls facing unplanned pregnancies. Working with these women is an amazing opportunity for me because my mother was very young when she had me and my grandmother had an abortion many years ago and went on to become a spokesperson for Silent No More.  My big dream is to open a home for teenage mothers - especially foster girls - and teach them the skills they need to have a successful, loving life for their children. As you can see, my daytime job is quite different from writing for Tirzah.

Growing up I had a knack for writing and my father used to say I would be a writer. I just liked to read ALL the time and talked to Christian authors online frequently during high school. This turned into blogging where I reviewed Christian books. Eventually I discovered my own voice and started to write about social justice issues that I am passionate about. Another fact about me would be that my family roots are rural Appalachia but the longest I have lived anywhere is St. Louis, Missouri. I now live in Milwaukee which has actually been named one of the nations most segregated cities. I am proud to have been raised with a very diverse viewpoint on life and passionately write about how EVERYONE matters to God. This is ultimately what turned me into a social worker by day/associate editor by night. All of my big adventures in writing have come in the last year and I love it!

My prayer is that I can help Yelena create more than just a magazine for women. Tirzah is an amazing community of women where we can connect on being modern set - apart women of God. I have loved getting to connect to all of the writers as I get started editing. There are so many women doing incredible things in the world and I pray this is a place where they can come share their stories and learn more about God. Every woman brings their own unique stories and skills that come together to create a community that is truly incredible. I look forward to seeing where God takes this!

Fun facts about Me:

  • I have lived in 5 states throughout my life - 3 of them twice.
  • My friend and I currently have a “bucket list” of coffee shops to visit in Southeastern Wisconsin.
  • One of my major goals right now is to go on a mission trip to a new country every year.
  • Last year was the first time I had been on a mission trip or out of the United States.
  • My favorite job so far has been working in a residential home for teenage mothers.
  • 2 Timothy 1:7 is my favorite Scripture. I have suffered from a lot of anxiety throughout the years and this verse has gotten me through. I have a tattoo that states, “Strong Enough” which is a reminder of this verse and that God is always present.
  • A favorite past-time of mine is volunteering with Compassion International. I love helping support their mission and also love getting to hear the stories of the people involved with the tour.
  • I love to walk and try to spend 30 minutes a day walking my adorable puppy, listening to Christian music, and talking to God.
  • My favorite song is Architecture by Jonathan Thulin.
  • The best time of my week is on Sunday mornings when I get to teach the preschool chapel at church! It is the sweetest thing ever to do prayer time with them!