Tramp for the Lord {book review}


Tramp for the Lord Book Review I've heard a lot about Corrie Ten Boom over the years - her faith, bravery and wisdom. So over spring break, I headed to the library to track down one of her books. Although her most popular book is The Hiding Place, since the library couldn't find a copy for me, I started with Tramp for the Lord.

In 1940, Corrie Ten Boom was living with her father and sister above their watch shop in Holland. When their country was invaded, Corrie's family provided sanctuary for persecuted Jews, but after being betrayed by friends, Corrie and her family were captured and sent to a concentration camp, where she lost her sister and father. Tramp for the Lord continues Corrie's story after her release from the concentration camp, as she travels the world for the Lord - from New York to Africa, her life story is proof that miracles do happen.

In today's world plagued by lukewarm Christianity, it is difficult to find true faith - stories of bravery and sacrifice - to look up to for inspiration and encouragement. Yes, we always have the Bible, and the brave men and women who walked before us, but there is something about seeing someone live out their faith in the midst of today's culture that is incredibly encouraging.

Corrie Ten Boom is this example....reading her words and hearing her stories - both of triumph and struggles - gives me hope that it is possible to live like Jesus, even today. There are two themes that really stood out to me as I read Tramp for the Lord:

Faith is simple.

Lately, God has been speaking a lot to me about being more vocal about my faith - specifically about starting conversations with people in my life about the Lord. Not theological debates or Christian lectures, but genuine caring about the salvation of the people around me - friends, peers, family, and even the person standing behind me at the check-out line.

Because, what if no one else has or will ever speak to her about Jesus?

Maybe I was created just for this purpose - to tell that one person in my life how much the Almighty God loves her.

The thing is, this has always intimidated me. How do you start a conversation like that? Do you work into the conversation? Ask outright if they believe in God? What if they ask a question that I can't answer? What if they'll laugh or shun me?

"Tell me," I asked the nurse's mother, "is it long ago that you found Jesus as you Saviour?"

"I have never met Him," she said, surprised at my questions.

"Are you willing to come to Him? He loves you. I have traveled in more than sixty countries and have never found anyone who said they were sorry they had given their hearts to Jesus. You will not be sorry either. "

Then I opened my Bible and pointed out the verses about salvation. She listened intently. Then I asked them, "Shall we now talk with the Lord?"

That day, both that woman and her husband gave their lives to God, over the simplest conversation about Jesus. Because people who don't know God - or maybe those who just lost their way - don't need to hear your spiritual expertise or to be lectured.

We all need to hear that we are loved, despite our mistakes and weaknesses. To be told we are forgiven and that there is someone out there who cares about us so much, He sent His only Son to die a brutal death so that you and I may have everlasting life. And, for centuries, He hasn't left His children - He is always there, giving us strength, love and peace beyond human understanding.

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"When she enters the beautiful city. And the saved all around her appeal, many people around will tell her: It was you that invited me here."


We tend to overcomplicate faith - hiding behind labels and denominations. Clinging to our own sense of righteousness. Drowning in our fears and insecurities that we couldn't possibly be worthy to bring someone else to God! But, faith is simple - it's all about Him. He gives us the opportunities and words to speak truth. God is the one who is changing hearts and transforming lives. We are mere vessels.

We were created to be used by Him.

As I read this collection of Corrie's stories, I was astounded by the purity and simplicity. Most Christian biographies and books are heavy with theological theories and the pressure to live a certain way. But, with Corrie, it's just about trusting the Lord with everything.

Where He lead, she followed. "Go to Cuba," the Lord said, even as thousands of Christians were persecuted and killed for their beliefs in the Communist country. Same with Russia, Africa, and even America. Countries where Corrie didn't know a soul - a woman in her eighties with no personal wealth or investors, but only her faith and love for the Lord.


For Corrie, faith was about obedience and trust, that the Lord provides - with resources, strength, wisdom and guidance.

We are the children of God - tasked with being his representatives on this Earth, loving people and bringing them to Him.

How many people have you told about God? Can you count them on your fingers? How many souls have your words and actions introduced to the Lord? How many people have you spent hours praying for that they may see the light and be saved? How much treasure have you stored up in Heaven?

[pullquote width="300" float="right"]The truth is, that businessman wearing a $5,000 suit needs to hear just as much about God's love as does a starving child in Africa.[/pullquote]

A lot of us get caught up in the lie that ministry is something along the lines of being a missionary or being involved in church somehow - grand gestures and powerful revivals. And although that is ministry, that is not everyone's ministry.

We tend to judge by human standards who needs to hear the word of God - people in third world countries, in prisons or living in third world countries. But, the truth is, that businessman wearing a $5,000 suit needs to hear just as much about God's love as does a starving child in Africa. Because material stuff doesn't matter - our wealth, nationality or social standing are nothing before the Lord.

When God looks and sees people perishing spiritually, He needs people who are willing to speak the truth to those souls in every nook and cranny of the world - in corporate board rooms, on the factory assembly line, on a high school campus or in your dorm. In Africa, America or Europe.

Corrie Ten Boom

It takes all kinds of kinds. Your mission is the person sitting next to you in Math class or the girl in the cubicle next to you. It's your boss and childhood friends.

Because that person might be going through the hardest time of her life right now. Maybe she's battling the loss of a loved one, insecurity or depression. We are so good at hiding behind our masks, saying it's all okay, but what if she just needs to hear that Jesus loves her? That He can give peace, strength and comfort.

This week, I urge you to pray that the Lord may open our eyes to see what He sees - to give us an opportunity and bravery to tell someone about Jesus. We were made for this.


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