Happy Holidays + A Survey


Merry Christmas, Tirzah girls! Before we sign off for a few weeks for Christmas and to plan for 2017, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for choosing Tirzah to be part of your tribe. There are millions of blogs and online magazines out there that you could follow, so it means so much to me that you would choose to be with us.

It has been my outmost pleasure to serve as the editor of this magazine for the last three years - this space has grown into something more beautiful and vibrant than anything I ever imagined. The Lord has been good to us and He's cultivated an extraordinary community of set apart young women.

But we've come to a fork in the road: to continue or not to continue. Because I can no longer sustain this ministry on my own. We really need extra help and financing to keep this ministry going.

You see, from the beginning, I've dreamed of starting an online academy of resources to empower and equip young women to live Godly lives in the modern world (in addition to an online magazine). Not only would this help support our ministry financially but it would provide valuable resources and community to equip you to live a set apart life. Because although I would love to offer all that and more at no cost to you, such a project is expensive to start up and maintain.

We've done our best to keep this site completely free by focusing primarily on articles and devotionals the last few years as a way to encourage you to live a set apart life and build community. But we've grown to a size where that is no longer sustainable.

So, after weeks of prayer and brainstorming, I feel God calling me to work on launching Tirzah Academy in 2017 - to take the next step in growing this community; to go deeper in Bible study and to nurture community in our small corner of the internet. Honestly, y'all, I am terrified. I don't feel equipped to take on a project of this size. I'm scared that I'll invest all my time and effort into this and no one will want it or it will fail. I don't have the finances to fund something like this. I feel like Moses, telling God that I'm not good enough to take on this task.

But my God is greater than my fears and insecurities. Moses is proof of that. And David, and Esther too. And after three years spent with you all, you've showed me there are many young women hungering for Truth and inspiration to live a Godly life in the modern world. We may be small in number, but our faith isn't about the numbers, but about the depth of our relationship with the Lord.

As such, we have some big decisions to make. So, I wanted to turn to you - Tirzah exists because of you and you deserve to decide what our future holds. I would love your input on what 2017 should look like for Tirzah, so we've put together a short survey.

If you have a few minutes, it would mean the world to me to hear your honest input.


Thank you for a wonderful three years and I pray we'll have many more years together. Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family in this wonderful season of the celebration of the birth of our Jesus Christ.

We'll be taking the next few weeks off from publishing new content to recharge and plan for 2017, based on your input. Please keep me in your prayers as I am in great need of wisdom in how to lead this ministry in the coming year, as well as for willing hearts to volunteer and help, and financing for Tirzah Academy and the maintenance of this website.

With all my love,

Yelena Bosovik

Founder + Editor-in-Chief