Finding a Voice in Poetry


I grew up by moving mountains with a mustard seed, they rose as my voice sung praises every morning. I was raised under a roof where we would share our reflections and adoration for God, how wonderful He was to us. I was so young, everything seemed to be exciting and thrilling— the beautiful unraveling of my life as I continued to blossom.

He will come to us like rain. -Hosea 6:3

In my life, God was my rain. My mother gave me the middle name of Raine, and so, I knew I was bound to have a spiritual connection with this lovely weather. I have endured terrible abuse, where my voice was silent, but the heavy rainfall was always a comfort, physically and metaphorically. When it rained, I knew I was safe and I felt God's presence the most. It has been a long time since my voice has been silenced. I spoke up about my abuse and leaned heavily into my mother and my faith, both have been havens for my broken self. As the moons have passed me by throughout the years, I have healed and, now, focus and dwell where there is light. The rain still eases me— now, it is a sign of strength, that I can overcome and heal from what had been done to me.

Once I found my voice, I wrote and wrote. I am a poet, and do my best to write pieces that spread love, joy and healing. I have worked on many projects to help bring joy to my community. I love my written work, because I am able to speak and share from my soul, pouring my own light into others, where they find bliss and comfort.

Serve one another in love. -Galatians 5:13

Long ago, I decided that I would not let abuse affect who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a woman who brings faith and love into the lives of others, and so, that is what I do. I do my best, every day, to make someone smile, to show someone that there is a God who is tender and kind; a God that craves to hear their laughter echo in the walls of His heaven.


Through my poetry and prose, the talent I have been blessed with, I pray others are showered in love and faith, as I have been. It is not always the easiest thing to dance under sunbeams and stay away from shadows, but I do my best. Sometimes people can be so cruel and hurtful, but that is where I have to settle into my heart and find it within myself to be kind and have hope that God will show them His mercy and grace.

There is no reason for me to keep the joy and grace I have been shown to myself. We are meant to share the fire burning within our souls with those around us. We were made for each other and we are called to help others reach heaven.

We are all jars of clay, fragile and poor, yet we carry within us an immense treasure. -Pope Francis

I read Pope Francis's words a while back, and they made a home in my soul. To think, all this time God has been molding me and keeping me true to who He wants me to be, allowing me to have that same longing. That I, once broken, still hold treasures and delights within myself. I have no words for the praise that I sing and write about, all things good roll off my lips, there is no containing the joy that overflows from me. With every sunrise, God brings with Him amazing moments that we enjoy every time we take a moment to stand still and exist.

God has given you talents and skills as a way to glorify Him. Mine is poetry. Yours might be another type of writing or a way with numbers, wood, or people. All of our callings look different, but when we step into the center of His will, we not only work through our feelings but inspire others to look to Jesus. Share your talents - be vulnerable - with the world around you.