When the World Rests on Your Shoulders


Dear You...

This world requires so much from us. As for me, I fight so hard to meet those requirements -money, excellent grades, good character. Try to be a good: friend, family, diligent church member etc. It's really overwhelming. And I don't even get to measure up to half of those requirements as I go through life. The ones I don't meet up to kill me inside. Because I can't measure up, it seems to me that I'm not good enough. I don't have enough. I want so much more in life, but I just can't have it all.

But maybe the requirements we 'think' we need to meet aren't the ones we 'really' need. Maybe if we just focus on that 'one' requirement we do need, we can then have it all. The Truth is there is only one requirement to live this life and it has just two categories (unlike some other unnecessary requirements ).

Love -love God with your all and love others as yourself.

Maybe if we just focus on this LOVE, then all the other things will take care of themselves. Because they are just 'wants.' What we want isn't what can make our life. It's what we need that can make our life. So... yes, maybe we should just try forgetting about the wants. Instead, try focusing on the things we need. Like LOVE. Love God with my whole existence, and love others in the world as much as I love myself.

And in the process of our loving, God will open doors to reach some of those wants. We can't ever have all that we want, but we can forever have all that we need (at least as long as we are alive). Those wants - the ones we can reach, are the ones created by our needs. The wants we reach are the minor rewards we get in the process of focusing on our needs.


So let's meet the requirements we need in life. Let's love God with our all and love others as ourselves. Because these needs are always reachable for us. How do you seek God's love in your life? Have you let the weight of the world rest on your shoulders instead?