The Beauty Issue


1370223_10201510586558467_274596297_n For a long time, I've had this dream of a magazine that focuses on topics for young women from an honest, simple and Godly perspective. Although it  warms my heart so much to see blogs and websites dedicated to blogging about living a Christian life, I am particularly excited about a project one of my blogger friends, Livy, is working on right now.

In November, Crown of Beauty Magazine is releasing its first annual beauty issue.  The issue will feature interviews with members of Addison Road, Everlife, a former Victoria Secret's model, Kylie Busitti and so many more beautiful women of God!

I've had the greatest privilege to contribute an article about how recognizing beauty in others helps you appreciate yourself more. The stuff written in this beauty issue is raw, relevant, and radical.

It took so much prayer and several drafts for me to write my article, because for me, beauty is one of the hardest topics to write and talk about. I can't wait to read the testimonies and stories of real girls, celebrities and women share their thoughts on this topic.

I highly recommend this beauty issue for every young woman (or a woman of any age), because beauty is one of the biggest, most influential topics in our lives. It's something we talk about, but often only superficially,

It's time to start a new discussion - an honest, open one about Godly beauty.


Pre-order a copy today for only $4.99. I promise, it will transform the way you look at yourself in the mirror and the way you see others around you. 

If you do order the magazine, before you check out, please enter the code lovelythoughts with no spaces or capital letters in the CODE box on the checkout page.

As part of their affiliate program, my blog will receive 50% of the proceeds from each time the code is used. Thank you for supporting both Crown of Beauty Magazine and Lovely Thoughts. :)

There are so many young women working really hard to put out this magazine in time and I'm so proud of Livy for coming up with this affiliate program as a way to say thank you to all the awesome contributors and little helpers to this project.

What topics are you hoping this issue will talk about?