Stepping Into Your Calling


I've always become a shadow of my role models. It wasn't until recently though that I realized I was using people not for inspiration and encouragement, but to mimic their success in hopes that it brings out my own. For almost a year now, I've grown to respect and admire Lara Casey more than any other role model I've had in the past. I'm so impressed by her love for God, her talent to inspire people to make things happen and her work through Southern Weddings.

As a result, I've noticed my hopes and career goals take on a Lara Casey tint - like, maybe I should start a brand consulting business, or an ecourse about making things happen. But, as I started to try to implement those things in my life, they began to look a lot like the knock-off versions of her business, leaving me unmotivated and uninspired.

"Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else." -Judy Garland

The truth is, I can't fit my dreams, experiences, and skills into someone else's life story. Like a circle trying to fit into a box, there is awkwardness and blank spaces where so much potential is left unfilled.

But, what I can do is to be inspired to fill my days with more intention and Southern values. I can cheer on Lara's endeavors from the sidelines and be happy for her successes without the need to compare or imitate, because I am content with my own life and my own skills and career.

"The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling." - Fabienne Fredrickson.

Lara is called to share love stories and help people and business make things happen. She's passionate about it and extremely good at it.

Lately though, I've realized that my calling is different: that I come alive when I'm mentoring other young women about living a life for the Lord and finding ways to pursue the hidden dreams so often trampled by society's norms. I've realized how much I love writing about Jesus and how He's calling us to live our days on this Earth. Or the fact that my life story thus far is already a powerful testimony to so many young people about the power of God, hard work and big dreams.

I want to harness and hone these passions and dreams into something that can make an impact. I want to clear away the clutter of past role models whose careers and lives I wanted to mimic and society's rules as to what a successful life should look like, so that my heart can instead be filled with Biblical truths and room for the Lord to work in my life. I don't want to scheme for ways to make more money, but instead spend my days encouraging others and making a tangible impact on my little corner of the world while leaving my personal needs in the hands of my Father.

I've had the opportunity to receive a phenomenal education and to learn the necessary skills to someday allow me to speak on the behalf of those who don't have a voice - to maybe even shape legislation and policy on behalf of those whose interests are trampled.

I don't know what exact job title encompasses all this. In fact, for once in my life, I don't want to sit down and come up with a career plan to achieve these dreams. I just want to listen to the Lord and obey one day at a time. I don't want to follow someone else's path, but instead walk in the footsteps of my God - no matter how narrow and bland the path may seem in comparison to the blooming fields of my peers and role models.

I want the author and creator of my story to lead me into uncharted waters that challenge my fears and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I want to emulate His love and be so caught up in Jesus that his beauty becomes my own.

You too have a calling. Something that you were created to do - a task that only you can do in just that special way.

Every experience you've had and every person you've met have led you to this exact moment for a specific purpose. Or maybe you're still in the process of being formed into the kind of person the Lord needs to fulfill your destiny.

Your life has been designed by the Creator of heaven and earth, who has called you for a specific mission. But, it's your choice to follow His plan or your own dreams and ambitions. You might be successful if you make your own way, but you'll never reach the full potential of what God has in store for you.

What makes you come alive? What fires you up? What would you do if money was no object?

See what happens when you start living the life you were called to live. You don't need to know all the details, just take one simple step in obedience. All great stories start with one simple step. So, sign up for that class. Pull up a word document and start typing.

Use your unique gifts to serve others. You were created to shine brightly for Him, so that He may be glorified in your life.

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