Letter From the Editor

Hi friends!

As many of you know, Tirzah began during the winter break of my first year of law school. Since then, time has flown by and I'll be graduating on May 15. A few weeks ago, we talked about how different seasons bring different priorities in our lives. The thing is, I thought I could keep juggling it all. And I can - if I sleep less and do just the bare minimum just to stay afloat. But with so little time left of law school, I want to finish the race well. I want to give my all to these last projects, papers, and finals. For those of you still in school, I'm sure you're facing the same time pressures and stress that comes with the end of a school year.

Y'all, I love this community. I love getting all your emails, writing and editing articles, our discussions in the comments and everything that God is doing here. But in this season - these few short weeks - I need to focus on finishing law school well and all the celebration that comes with graduation. This event is only happening once in my life and I want to be present for every moment.

So, we're going to take the month of May off around here. We'll keep doing the daily devotionals for Tirzah in the Word because we believe that daily Bible study is vital to a Christian's life. But for a few weeks, emails will be unanswered and no new articles will be published. But, we hope that you'll wait for us - enjoy some of our past articles that maybe you missed or feel called to revisit once again. Join us on our devotional site and on social media.

Thank you for understanding and we'll be back soon!

With all my love,

Yelena Bosovik

Founder + Editor in Chief

Tirzah Magazine