How To Love Your Body


When you first wake up and look at your face, naked of makeup, in the mirror, what do you think? Do you remember all the names kids have called you over the years? Or the criticisms of a family member from a young age? Do you remember the boy who chose another girl over you? We’ve all hated our reflections. I’m not sure when it all starts. It could have been in seventh grade when everything was so confusing - boys’ voices were becoming deeper and girls’ boobs appeared like magic overnight. It could have been in high school when our tiny bodies betrayed us and we began to develop curves. Or maybe it was freshman year of college when we struggled to find the balance between working out and all the food we wanted to eat.

My story is a little different from all those. You see, I’ve always been what the media, the world, and my own family would consider thin. Due to my high metabolism, I have had the privilege of eating whatever I chose, even up into my junior year of college. In fact, many would be surprised that I am writing an article about body self-esteem. What would she have to be self-conscious about? Yet, I am here to inform you that the grass is never greener on the other side.