For such a time as this {a letter from the editor}


Tirzah launch

Hello, beautiful!

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas surrounded by the ones you love.

Today is one of the most exciting days of my life. My heart is humbled to the core and I can't stop refreshing this page with excitement.

I've dreamed of starting a Christian magazine for young women since I was a little girl, and as my personal blog began getting more visitors, God showed me that my blog had become my ministry. That in this virtual mission field, the words I write have influence and are making an impact, because this is His plan. 

There are so many blogs, websites, and magazines out there today that claim to promote Christian values for young women, but I've found that many of them are shallow and often fall short of edifying Biblical standards. I get so frustrated when I visit one of these sites, only to find the same stuff that I would find on the pages of any secular women's magazine: beauty how-tos, the latest fashion trends, diet tips and relationship advice. The only thing that's different is all of this is wrapped up in religion with a few Bible quotes and a self-proclaimed Christian focus.

I believe that as daughters of a majestic God, we are called to MORE. All that other stuff isn't bad, but it promotes a shallow way of life that so easily causes many young women to focus on worldly, superficial things instead of their faith and calling on this earth.

That's why I pray this magazine fills in this gap online to talk about the stuff that really matters. This is not yet another site with beauty tutorials or dating advice. Instead, we talk about inner beauty that can't be found at Sephora and the kinds of love stories that are pure and Godly.

I hope this magazine inspires you and challenges you every day to live a life that glorifies our God.

You'll notice that our website is inspired a lot by the story of Esther in the Bible (our mission is based on Esther 4:14). This is one young woman who I have looked up to all my life – her inner beauty, boldness and willingness to sacrifice her own life to save her people from anihiliation. But, I also admire how she was able to find favor in the eyes of every person she met.

My deepest heart’s desire is to be part of a generation of Esthers - young women whose beauty glows from within, whose love stories are written by a great God, and who live to glorify God. Proverbs 31 kind of women who are passionate about helping people and following the dreams God has put on their hearts.

Do you know that as a child of God, you too, are a princess in the court of the King of KingsYou're royal, my dear, and with that comes certain expectations. 

Listen, O daughter, consider and incline your ear; Forget your own people also, and your father's house; So the King will greatly desire your beauty; Because He is your Lord, worship Him... The royal daughter is all glorious within... Her clothing is woven with gold. -Psalm 45:10-11, 13

Too often, when we think of royalty, we think of the good stuff that comes with it - wealth, fame, and other privileges. But our kind of royalty is different. Yes, we have all that good stuff (and even more!) - an eternal Kingdom beyond our wildest imagination, one that doesn't age or diminish in value - but with it comes a certain standard of living here on Earth.

We are representatives of our Heavenly father and we need to live like a generation is watching us. People are observing our every step to see whether we truly live like we preach - like the Bible says. When we stumble, it's not just our personal relationship with God that is harmed, but it becomes a discouragement to the believers and non-believers around us who depend on us to be a living testimony of a great God.

That is an incredible duty to have - a high standard to strive towards every day. That's why I created this online magazine - to be an inspiring example and a source of encouragement for young women across the world whose sole desire is to serve their God with a pure heart.

I truly believe with all of my being that you and I were created for such a time as this - to be the shining light of God's love in our schools, workplaces, families, and communities.

That's why I want this site to encourage true beauty and faith. I want every young woman to walk away feeling beautiful and inspired after visiting this website.

Not beautiful like a supermodel or what society deems to be pretty. But beautiful like Jesus. I want my face to show His love. My arms to show His strength. My hands to show His grace. My feet to show His selflessness. My words to show His mercy. I pray that they see more of Jesus in me today than yesterday. This is my prayer for you too.

I’ve never had a big sister to mentor and guide me through high school, college and beyond, so I hope this space creates a community of young women dedicated to encouraging each other to love God and change the world. There are no judgments, religious denominations or superficial expectations. Just pure love and a dream for a better world.

At the end of the day though, this website is truly about just one thing – Jesus. This is not some fancy magazine or even an official organization, it’s simply a place in cyberspace to talk about what it means to live a set-apart life for the Lord and about all the amazing things He teaches us every day.

I hope that you'll stop by often - whether it's to say hello, share your own story, or simply read a few articles. I want you to remember that you're welcome here at any time of the day or night, and that I believe in you and your dreams.

We might technically be strangers, but in Christ, we are sisters - bound by His love and sacrifice for us on the cross. Geography, cultures, languages, age - none of that can stand in the way of our Father or His children.

The Lord has brought you into this community for a purpose. Our paths have crossed for such a time as this, and I can't wait to see what He has in store for you! I hope you'll also share our site with your girlfriends who you think would be encouraged by our mission.

With love,

 Yelena Bosovik

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Image via Jose Villa Photography.