Five ways to celebrate World Water Day


So, today is World Water Day. Why does that matter? Well, check out this article on the CBS site - it pretty much covers all the bases.

And take a minute to watch this clever video. I personally can't use #firstworldproblems on Twitter anymore.

To celebrate, here are five {super easy & quick} things you can do:

  1. Educate yourself on why there even is a World Water Day.
  2. Donate funds to support non-profits working on solving our world's water problems.
  3. What does water mean to you? Instagram your answer, using #waterday
  4. Donate your voice. is doing a campaign where you can allow them access to your social media channels for a few days to post facts about water on your behalf. Worried about privacy? The sample tweets/facebook updates are provided so you can post them on your own!
  5. Learn about water conservation and implement some of those tips into your life - aka, take shorter showers, come up with clever ways to recycle water for landscape use, etc...

Happy World Water Day! :) -Yelena

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