This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.
— Joshua 1:8

Tirzah in the Word


Do you want to make Bible study a daily habit?

Do you struggle with understanding the Bible and applying it to your life today?

Do you often feel alone in your walk with God, as if you’re the only one still trying to live a set apart life?

Do you long to become a woman rooted in the Word?

Join our online small groups for Tirzah in the Word 2019!


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24 hours. That's all it took to drift away. After months of daily early morning Bible studies, cultivating, praying and letting my roots grow deep in His Word, it took just one day of skipping my morning Bible study and focusing on the things of this world; and then the peace and joy began to fade, replaced by anxiety and a restlessness that nothing in this world could satisfy. And His voice and promises on my life also grew dim as doubts and human logic settled in like a well loved blanket. That's why it's so important to anchor yourself to Christ and His Word.

As Apostle Paul writes, "So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it” (Hebrews 2:1). The Greek word here is an action word: pararrhyéō - to drift past a destination because pushed along by a current. It's a gradual process, and sometimes you don't even notice until you look around and don't recognize the person you've become or the life you live. The world will always tell you how to live with its promises of success, responsibilities, and happiness.  

Even though I hate to admit it, not prioritizing my quiet time costs me greatly. I've noticed if I skip my readings a few days or rush through them, I begin to drown in the concerns of this world. I worry more. I start to seek this world's definition of success and beauty. Worst of all, my convictions become watered down. I start to justify my lack of obedience to God's word; sin becomes less scary; and the fear of God fades away. It's okay, I tell myself. I call it grace, but deep inside, I know that it's just me slowly moving further away from God. I lower my standards and put down my sword. And that could be fatal for Christians. 

Don't be fooled, friend. You cannot survive spiritually without daily nourishment from your God. Without deep Bible study and continuous prayer, we start to become like the world. We stop hearing His voice and become too distracted by the shiny things in this world. It happens so gradually that we don't even notice. 

But it's never too late to return. To pick up your sword again, to set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual so that you can spend precious time at the feet of your Father, or to join a local or online small group for accountability and fellowship. Come, and drink from the well! He will teach you and your life will be utterly transformed. 

Are you deeply rooted and anchored to God's truth? When was the last time you regularly listened to what He has to teach you through His Word and in prayer? Not just through a preacher or a blogger or a devotional, but something more personal. Because only a woman who meditates on His Word day and night will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, bringing fruit in its season, whose leaf does not wither and whatever he or she does shall prosper (Psalm 1).  So that we may be a community of women globally, like a well-watered garden, an ever-flowing spring, and deeply rooted in Truth.

1. Identity.jpg

PART i: Identity

Social media and Hollywood tell us what we should look like. Society tells us what success and freedom look like. Christian bloggers, teachers, preachers, artists and Instagram influencers tell us who God is and how to live a Godly life. Yet, few young people have read the word of God to discover for themselves the character of God and what He expects of us. Join us in the first quarter of 2019 (January-March) as we study what the Scriptures have to say about who God is, who we are in Him as a new creation, and what our purpose is on this earth.

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In the second quarter of the year (April-June), we are going to study what the Bible says about love. We’ll start with studying God’s love, and then move on to discovering God’s heart and intentions for the unmarried and married seasons of life. Our vision for this study is inspire and equip a group of women who love others like Jesus does, single women who are faithful in building up His bride as they wait to become brides, dating women who honor God in their relationships, and married women who put Christ’s love for His church on display in their marriage.

Membership is now closed, but you can access the replays any time!

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“Go and make disciples of all the nations,” Jesus said, but what does that look like today? More so, what does discipleship look like for a young woman today? If you loved our “Thy Will Be Done” devotional study, then this small group (July-September) is for you as we dig deeper into the Scriptures about gifts, callings and discipleship, complete with practical tips and lessons on how to lead a Bible study and other ways of spreading the Gospel with what you have, right where you are.

Membership is currently open!

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We are ending the year with a study of spiritual disciplines (October-December). We will study Jesus’s teachings and examples on how to pray, learn practical tips and techniques for Bible study, and have an honest conversation about having a heart of gratitude and joy in seasons of waiting, hardship and suffering.

Membership pre-sales begin September 16.


What do you get by joining one (or all!) of our small groups?

Weekly Devotionals, Discussions and Bi-Monthly FB Live Studies

For our 2019 Tirzah in the Word study, we are covering four themes of life that every young woman questions and struggles with: identity, relationships, discipleship and spiritual disciplines.  We've broken up the study into four parts to make it easily accessible for all. Each week, we'll post discussion questions and passages for you to study on your own. We will also host live Bible studies in the quarterly Facebook groups every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 7:30 CST, and on the off weeks, we’ll share written devotionals to keep you in the Word between the live video studies.

Community and Accountability 

Your membership includes access to a private Facebook group. Each part of this year’s study has its own private Facebook group.

Every year, when we host this study, women from all over the world join together in regular Bible study together. We encourage each other through happy and hard times, hold each other accountable to keep reading the Bible daily, and gather regularly in live video studies. At the end of the year, you'll walk away with new friendships spanning the globe, a stronger knowledge of His Word and a deeper personal relationship with your Savior. 

Bible Study Resources and Group Guides

Each quarter, you'll get access to a PDF summarizing everything we cover. Our goal with this resource is two fold: (1) if you join mid-study, you can work through the current and past studies at your own pace; and (2) you can use the PDF summary to go into your own communities and lead other young women through these studies. We encourage you to open your home (or meet up at a coffee shop) with your roommates, friends, and family to continue discussions and your study of these topics and the Word. 

The Investment

The 2019 Tirzah in the Word study is divided into four parts. You can get a membership to the part(s) that are most relevant to you, or purchase the full year at a discounted price!

Each quarterly small group membership costs $20. That comes to around $6 per month (or giving up one cup of coffee a month!). Plus, studies show that if you pay for something, you're more likely to use it, and since you'll only get as much as you put into this study, we hope you'll commit to joining us regularly for Bible study and discussions. 

If you're in high school, are interested in joining and can't afford the membership price, email us ( to ask about scholarships. 

Finally, your financial support will go towards building up Tirzah's content and reach. We're a group of young women volunteering our time with Tirzah and our ministry is dependent on the proceeds from these memberships and donations from our readers. We hope these studies encourage you and we appreciate your financial commitment to grow Tirzah.

Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine...Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.
— 1 Timothy 4:13
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  • First and foremost, this group has inspired me to connect with the Lord. Studying the bible and not just reading has opened my eyes to an understanding that was beyond my comprehension. My quest in life is to seek the Lord with all my heart. Yelena and Chanel have been guiding me to my destination. Looking so forward to continuing this journey with like minded women who too seek and find Him. -Lisa S.

  • It is a huge help knowing that there is an army of women praying and reading the Bible together. There is so much power in that, even though we may not feel it or see the full impact of it sometimes. Reading the Bible together (even though I'm behind), has helped me stay focused and looking ahead on things above, not the things of this earth. There is sooo much wisdom in the Word, and I want to soak in as much as I can. Having a group of ladies cheering me on has made all the difference in how I approach my Bible Study time. -Snezhana B.

  • Many years ago, I thought I was simply signing up for a blog devotional series. Looking back now, what I've gained from Tirzah is immeasurable and wonderful! I am part of a beautiful diverse community of women who encourage each other through the highs and lows, I've made friends from around the world, and above all together we have truly dug deep into God's Word. Such a blessing! -Carol A.

  • The Tirzah in the Word group reignited my desire to not only read, but really study God's word, as well as giving me the continued reminders and motivation to do so through 2017. I've learned so much through the live studies as well as in my own devotional times reading through the New Testament. Walking this journey with a diverse group of women from across the globe, yet who are all united in their desire to learn more of God and live their lives for him, has been a real encouragement and blessing - who would have thought you could find such a sense of community with a group of people who have never met?! -Helen S.


Meet your small group leaders


Yelena Bosovik

Yelena is the founder and editor in chief of Tirzah. She works as an attorney in international tax consulting and in her spare time, she stewards Tirzah and is working on her first book for unmarried twenty-something women in extended waiting seasons. She has a passion for pointing young women to Christ, and enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with her family.


cHANEL riggle

Chanel is the Community Director for Tirzah and has been an active member of the Tirzah community since 2014. She works for a nonprofit and makes coffee by day while curating new Bible study content by night. Chanel is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in marketing management at Western Governors University. She is passionate about writing and the gospel. She is an advocate for breaking down mental health stigmas and a seeker of adventure. You can find her at home with her husband, Joey, and three-legged wonder dog, Pogo.

A woman in Christ knows her Bible, knows her theology of a sovereign God who makes promises, knows His promises to be with her, no matter what. She draws strength down from this and a certain kind of tree grows up from this massive deep root of hope in God.”
— John Piper


What if I purchase a study mid-year? Can I still join?

All of our small group memberships are available year-round. If you purchase a study mid-quarter, you'll get immediate access to the Facebook group and have access to all past content (discussion posts, replays of live studies, PDF downloads) and all future content for the remainder of the study! 

What if I don’t have Facebook?

Our recommendation is to create a “dummy” account - a blank profile with no photos or friends - just a login that you can use solely to join our small groups. We understand not everyone has a Facebook, but as of now, Facebook is the only platform that allows us to host these studies with minimal costs.

Is this a good study for a new believer?

Absolutely! We have young women of all ages, walks of life and levels of spiritual maturity. We hope to make all of our content accessible and understandable for all the women in our small groups.

What if I can’t join the studies live?

Although we encourage you to join our Bible studies live, we understand that with time zones and life commitments, you won’t always be able to join live, so all of our vides are available for replay any time.

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