Tirzah Place: Speak It Into Existence


The middle of the story is usually where it starts to get good.  I’m writing this article right now from the top of prayer mountain in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and  enjoying a break from a hectic life. I am sitting in the mountains after days of elephant rides and playing in a home with lots of children learning about Jesus.  I am dreaming of the day our home, Tirzah Place, is open and filled with children.

About a year ago I resigned as associate editor of Tirzah Magazine to start a ministry called  Tirzah Place.  The last year has been the beginning of my story.  Now, I’m in the middle. This is the part where it gets interesting, where the character faces a trial or trials of some sort and momentum is building.  

God brought a ministry partner in my life - Courtney.  Watch our story here if you’d like to hear how Tirzah Magazine brought Tirzah Place into existence.  Since that time we’ve done what most would consider the boring part of the story: Spending hours completing paperwork to submit our application for non-profit status, brainstorming programming ideas, and figuring out fundraising.  Both of us have done weeks of full-time ministry while working on Tirzah Place.

However, every single day is a new journey.  Join us on Tirzah Magazine’s website as we step into the middle of our story.  Yelena graciously offered to allow this to be a regular column where you can follow two young women in their twenties take on the world of teen parenthood.  Follow us while the journey gets interesting. While we create a home for teenage mothers who have no home. Come along as we partner with people from the most unlikely of places to create a family for those who have none.  

We are Tirzah Place.  Two women. One dream.  One mission. Following the Great Commision while reaching out to the future leaders of tomorrow - young women and children.  We are starting with the inner city of Milwaukee. Helping women learn their value and worth by teaching them to be mothers - one of the most noble causes gifted to women.  Then teaching them to reach other women in Milwaukee. From there, we’ll see what happens. Join us next article as we explain the issues unique to a single mother in Milwaukee.

For today, I’ll leave you with this idea.  The Creator of the world spoke us into existence back at the beginning of time in Genesis.  If He can create the Universe in one breath, who are we to believe that we can’t speak Tirzah Place into existence?  With God all things are possible - no matter age, gender, or story. That is the belief that led Courtney and me to our journey today.  

What can you do for those in need in your community with where you are at now?


Alycia is one of the founders of Tirzah Place. She has years of expertise working with pregnant women, including family resource centers, pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and a residential home for teenage mothers. Her desire is to see every woman reach their full potential and embrace the beauty of motherhood.