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How Dating Humbled Me

Godly, socially adept men seem to be extinct, which makes dating hard. Too many disappointments, let-downs, or occasions of being “ghosted” have left their mark on the masses of Christian women and the general response is despair or cries of, “Where have all the good men gone?” I’ve even done this. I’ve been embittered and hopeless after one too many heartaches. I’ve blamed men for being too cowardly, too selfish, or, in some seasons of my life, too elusive

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Loving Those Who Hurt You

Love is the unconditional commitment to the well-being of others. It is a gift from God and He has given us the perfect picture of love through the sacrifice of His Son. God’s grace is a result of His love for us. We are called to love one another regardless of our differences or if we feel we have been wronged. We are called to commit ourselves to loving others. This is a hard concept to comprehend sometimes. It’s easy to say that I love people, but when it comes to those who have hurt me, it can be so hard.

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Fully Loved, Fully Known: An Encounter With a Personal Savior

That moment, when God was so faithful to touch me with His healing hand and fill me with His rich love, I knew that it was necessary. I knew that I would never be the same. You see, I grew up worshiping a creator who I believed was present but apathetic. A God who didn’t think good thoughts towards me. Who preferred others over me. The abandonment I experienced from both my biological father and stepfather so tainted my view of fatherly love that I didn’t know how to receive pure love from my Father in Heaven.

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