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How To Measure Success

Everyone wants to be successful. In our culture, achieving success is basically the pinnacle of existence. We all have interest boards full of motivational quotes about #girlbosslife and #hustle. This idea of achievement is tied to school, work, or personal life, and we spend so much of our time chasing after this ideal. And while it is true that we have to work towards what we want in life, unless you know what success means to you personally, you’ll always be chasing after someone else’s version of success.

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3 Ways The Enemy Tries To Hold Us Back From Celebrating With Friends

After college, it can start to feel like you and your friends are running on different paths.  As many people start to move away, start new paths, and make new plans, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with your college friends that were just a second ago running right beside you. Now, they may be several yards ahead, and as hard as you are striving, you just can’t catch them.

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