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Seeking God First

Ever since I was a teenager, I remember reaching into my pocket for my phone whenever I had a crisis. I’d quickly dial my parents and vent about the most recent school happening. Today, I still rely on others to listen and provide feedback on a how stressful work or a relational issue has been. In addition to my parents, my network has now grown to include more friends, coworkers and a fiancé for their opinion; I’m even in a group chat titled “The Counsel.” Big or small, I’ve been guilty of running to other people for help and encouragement instead of seeking God first. While there is a place for godly counsel and accountability, our refuge should not be in others.

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Loving Through Prayer

Last night I went to a Christian concert, which was amazing. God was moving and it was a beautiful sight to see so many believers coming together unified and united. Eyes focused on the One who matters, hands raised in surrender. It was a beautiful sight to behold. While this was happening there were two women there with the intent to distract, shame and call us names.

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What Is Worship?

Is worship only found on Sunday morning between the first strum of the guitar to when the house lights are raised and the amen is said? Most of us know that worship is not confined to those minutes, but how do we reset our lifestyles to be lifestyles of worship toward God?

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